5 steps to choose the right material for your kitchen countertop

If you have been struggling to pick the right material for your kitchen countertop , you should let go of brand names, go back to the basics and choose the natural stone that feels right to you. With hundreds of colors, patterns, materials and shapes, it can be overwhelming to make the right call. Below, we present some items to take into account when choosing your kitchen design.

1. Your Kitchen's Color Palette

The first item you will want to take a look at when selecting your kitchen countertop are the colors already present in your kitchen. You are going to want for the countertop and all elements surrounding it to match. Your kitchen might already count on wood to make it look cozy and rustic or it may contain metallic elements that give it a modern feel. You should make sure the color you choose matches the surrounding furniture, electrical appliances and cupboards.

2. Your Budget

We are not going to get into details here but we want you to understand that prices in the great world of natural stones vary on the size of your kitchen´s countertop and the color you choose. So if for example your kitchen has a bright and minimalistic feel to it you would probably choose a dark color to bring some contrast to the room. In this case it might be more affordable to select a brighter color but it also might not match your kitchen´s design.

3. The Source of the Stone

If you are the curious type of person, the origin of your stone might help you decide what you want. Quartz is the stone to go for if you want something that is manmade, while Granite and Marble are the right fit if you´d rather have natural stone in your kitchen. If you want to learn more about stone materials go read our article on the difference between quartz, granite and marble.

4. Natural Stone Patterns

Each stone has its own look and pattern, if you want a grained surface you should definitely go for granite. Marble is the perfect fit if you are looking for something that might give a more elegant appearance to your kitchen countertop while engineered quartz is the right option for you if you are looking for an aesthetically polished stone.

5. Edge Types

The last item to think about when selecting the right stone will be your countertops’ edge type. We at Emerald Pearl work with different edge types that can range from the geometrically straight shape to the more detailed and curved ogee edge. We have several predesigned edge type options that you can select individually or combine, we may even help you with other edge types if you are looking for something different, you just need to contact us.
Just like we have mentioned above, it shouldn´t be a hassle to choose the right material for your kitchen, you should do whatever feels right to you and your family. The best place to start is to always look for inspiration, go to our Houzz page to find more kitchen countertop ideas.


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