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Kitchen Trends 2017

Before you want to redesign your kitchen you need to know what is in and what is out. There are many trends that will make your kitchen look straight out of a home designer magazine. Here are some trends that will help with your kitchen remodeling decisions: Don’t know what color to paint your cabinets?…
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Updating your kitchen countertop on budget?

See your options... At least once in a while we all find ourselves trying to resolve something on a budget. Whether it is making our old laptop stop freezing or fixing your car´s inner workings. There are some times when a little upgrade will solve our problems, there are other times when nothing you do…
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Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Small Kitchens

Sometimes, small things completely occupy our minds. Small may mean simplicity or minimalism, but we all know minimalism can be complex and challenging. Small kitchens are no exception as they are expected to look nice but also have enough space to store kitchen elements and cook. Due to the high expectations and workload required from…
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Is your home remodelling project a bargain or a risk?

Is your home remodelling project a bargain or a risk? You get what you pay for - It is something we have heard all of our lives. Sometimes, what seems to be an opportunity to save some cash results in a hassle, especially when you have to spend more to get the quality work or…
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5 steps to choose the right material for your kitchen countertop

If you have been struggling to pick the right material for your kitchen countertop , you should let go of brand names, go back to the basics and choose the natural stone that feels right to you. With hundreds of colors, patterns, materials and shapes, it can be overwhelming to make the right call. Below,…
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