Best Countertop Material for an Outdoor Kitchen

At Emerald Pearl we know choosing the right countertop is a long process, full of different options and possibilities. Although when we talk about choosing the right material for an outdoor kitchen we have to take into account some extra factors.

As stated before Outdoor kitchens bring diverse factors to the table, but the two main factors are the exposure to different types of weather. As well as the actual high amount of traffic the material is subjected to, there is a necessity of it being resistant to stains.

Selecting a material that suits your home style, all your wishes, and the price is going to have to be a really well thought decision. The most suitable materials for outdoor vanities are the natural stones such as granite, marble, concrete or tile. If you are actually thinking of using quartz or recycled glass. It’s better to be knowledgeable in the subject and consult with a couple of manufacturers, because most man made materials use pigments that are not design to stand up to outdoor use.

What could happen if you decide to go for a man made stones?

The stone might  be exposed to UV rays and color variations will happen over time, or be porous and drinks like wine, or grease can damage the material permanently. Of course you want your countertops to enhance your visual space appeal, and also want them to last and stay in great condition for a long time.

To help you make an optimal decision here are some of the pros and cons of the top 4 outdoor countertop materials on the market.


  1. Marble - Outdoor Kitchens

If you really want to go for marble, you must be aware that marble is a softer stone. Reason why weather will damage the polish side of the vanity in future time. It’s a factor to be concerned about, but the countertops will surely last many years.

One option is to get honed marble countertops, since the honed finish will not show as much evidence of the accidents that happened on the kitchen vanity.


  1. Granitegranite, honed, emerald pearl, remodeler, countertops, kitchen

Of all granite countertops are the hardest, toughest, most durable option for outdoor kitchens. As with marble we strongly suggest that the granite you choose is a honed, brushed, or flamed granite. This will help prevent any damage from the snow, sun or rain. These outside elements tend to erase the polished finish and leave the stone exposed to the environment.

Another factor to take into account is that if you pick a dark granite, the vanity will be receiving direct sunlight. The countertops may get really hot, and someone can get burned, if not aware of the situation.


  1. Soapstone Soapstone, grey, emerald pearl, winston salem, nc, remodeler, countertops

Soapstone is a really good heat resistant material, which will be great for summer. Also it won’t stain easily, but there is one to thing to be concerned about. Soapstone requires constant maintenance plus it is very likely to scratch.


  1. Concrete

Right now concrete is a very popular material for inside kitchens, but is also an excellent material for outdoor kitchen countertops. This material is very suitable for people who are looking for a contemporary look in their house. It’s easy to clean, comes in different colors and textures. However; if you don’t have a really good contractor there are great chances that the concrete will crack overtime.



We hope this article has helped you understand the factors you need to know when selecting countertops for your outdoor kitchen. If you still have questions please comment or contact us by email or phone, whichever you prefer. We’ll be glad to answer them.