Countertop overhang for bathroom, kitchens and bars

When you are choosing material for your countertops, you also have to start thinking on other elements like sinks, sink mounting styles, taps, edges, backslash and also overhang.

Today we are going to focus only in overhangs. Granite standard overhangs are approximately 1 ½” and are made to enhance your countertops space. That enhancement is called a “lip” a space beyond your countertop. This extra space must be measured from the cabinet bases, not the doors. This cabinet overhang will provide your kitchen or bathroom countertop a more finished look.

Kitchen Island Overhang

Another use of an overhang is on a kitchen island. Most people use it to provide sitting space and put stools underneath. This extra space can be from 12” to 19” inches but after a 6” overhang it’s better to add support. It can either be support legs, wooden corbels or metal brackets that will extend over half the distance of the overhang. This rule also applies for bar overhangs.

overhang, kitchen, countertops

Think in detail what you really want. Consider the size of the room, the sense of space you want to give to the place your putting your countertops on. Don’t forget the size of the stools, how much space you really want between people sitting next to one another, or even if you want to reach stuff from the other side of the countertop.

Details are the ones giving you conformt, so take your time with your remodeler and let him know which are your exact expectations. He will tell you all recommendations needed, and then after considering the rules, needs, and intentions you will finally get what you wanted in your space.

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