Essential kitchen Elements

Some might think that the kitchen layout, pallet of colors and cabinets are key features to think about when planning a new kitchen, but those are not the only elements we have to think while in this process. We have to also think about the positioning of working areas as we mention it on our working kitchen triangle article explaining the ergonomic principles of the kitchen, and other aspects that we are going to display in the list below.

Reliable Counter tops

If you like to cook or not, the kitchen surface will always have traffic. Counter tops are going to be exposed to many people with different abilities so be prepared for scratches and stains. The decision is just a matter of thinking on how long you want them to last and in what conditions you´d  like them to be. Looks are always important so just think in the future.

Adequate appliances

This is something that´s custom to each home and to the use every family, to the size of the kitchen and the layout. A nice way to make a decision is to think if you will be entertaining often or not, how big is your family? and what type of food you like to cook. For example if you have a small space, it would be good to get compact appliances or if you have a big family, a huge oven might be a good fit for you.

Be aware of what you need to store, choose your furniture according the size of the kitchen and a great idea to calculate how much storage you need is to do inventory of all your kitchen kit, that way you´ll know the precise capacity of your cabinets. Remember to be realistic on what you have and what you need, think about what you really use and what you never use and let go of useless elements and stick to it.

Kitchen flooring

As we know kitchen is a high traffic area and the floor needs to earn its keep. Consider different materials like natural stone, ceramic or concrete but always make sure it's properly seal for water damage at least.

Think about your space and your color pallet, design a scheme and plan how long you want it to last.  Classic styles will work with most kitchen styles however if you really love design try to go for a patterned floor, it could be worth to be brave with your flooring choice.

There are many other factors to consider such as lighting and fittings but today we just want to highlight these features and have more content for you in the future.

We hope you like our content, see you soon!