Granite vs Marble Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

It can be hard make up your mind between granite and marble when choosing your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Both of them are gorgeous natural stones, but they also have subtle differences you would want to consider. Even though they can both look great for decades with the proper care, we will mention some things that make them unique.


 Granite, as we have mentioned on a previous article, has grains that can come on a variety of colors and hues that are mainly in darker shades that give it a more natural look. Marble on the contrary, seems more luxurious and elegant; it comes with veining and patterns that look great in any color but are mostly found on black and white.


Even though both are thick and resistant materials, granite is harder than marble, so it is less vulnerable to scratches.


Both materials are highly durable, but in order for them to last for decades they need to be sealed every one or two years. Being porous surfaces, liquids can penetrate them and leave stains if they are not sealed.

Marble is more vulnerable to acidic liquids than granite. So you need to keep them off your countertop or clean them immediately.

Granite is the most durable natural countertop material; hot elements as pots and pans in the kitchen and hot hair tools in the bathroom, can be placed directly on the surface, you can even cut on it. 


Marble will remain resistant to stains if you are properly sealing it every now and then. Minor scratches in granite can be fixed with color matching epoxy but we will be able to fix it for you if it has cracks that are larger than an ice cube. Minor issues with marble can also be fixed, but a professional will be required for larger problems.

 Granite and Marble Prices

To make things clearer, the complexity of the job, the countertop edge type, and several other variables will have an impact on your countertop cost. You may click here to contact us and get a quick estimate.

 We hope this article has helped you get a better idea of what to expect with each material. Please contact us if you want more information about marble, granite or any other stone for you countertops.