Is your home remodelling project a bargain or a risk?

Is your home remodelling project a bargain or a risk?

You get what you pay for - It is something we have heard all of our lives. Sometimes, what seems to be an opportunity to save some cash results in a hassle, especially when you have to spend more to get the quality work or product you initially were looking for. This may happen with a pair of shoes, a cheap watch or even worse, with your home remodeling project.

With this article we want to help you decide if getting a low budget contractor is the right thing for you?

There have been various cases where a homeowner naively falls for the low budget contractor to help them remodel their homes and kitchens without know that they were in for a few setbacks.
Sometimes, it might be hard to budget a home remodelling project without taking a proper look at the place´s structure, electrical lines, heating ducts, etc. This is because some structural changes might need to take place in order to comply with the owner’s expectations. If you get a lower budget quoted, you need to make sure you contractor is taking all those factors into account because once the project starts it might not be cheap to rearrange everything around the setbacks they encounter.
Some of the ways you can figure out whether you are getting yourself into an excellent bargain or a bumpy ride are:

1. Take your time to thoroughly review your project.

Whether you have been dreaming for a completely remodeled kitchen or you are just looking for something worthwhile to spend some savings on, don´t just stick to the first budget you get quoted. Try asking around for several budgets so you get an idea of what is the top and the cheapest options. This will also help you understand what the average cost of similar projects to yours might be.
Don’t forget to check on other websites and forums.

2.Get to know your contractor:

Don´t just fall for the most charming contractor, fall in for the thorough contractor that actually gives your project the time to analyze your project.
Ask your contractors to show you previous remodelling projects similar to yours and find out if they have online profiles where you can find customer reviews, start with Yelp and Google+.

3. Find out more about your contractor:

Find if their business has any licenses, certifications or is insured.
Find out if they belong to a professional association for the guild they find themselves at.

4.Ask for details:

So they can make sense, ask for bids of similar projects from different contractors. Also, ask them to provide a quote that is as detailed as possible so you can clear your expectations and have them on paper.
Make sure to ask them to include all potential costs such as building permits if required, structural changes and everything that will avoid adding extra costs to the initial budget you get.

5.Negotiate the payment terms:

It is clear that if you give all the project´s cost in advance your contractor might have lack of motivation in the later stages of the process, especially if they are counting on a low budget.
Agree on terms that require for benchmark and deadlines before actually handing a subsequent payment.

6.Build Trust:

While meeting several people and asking them for quotes is a must, building a relationship with the contractor you finally decide to work with is equally. Avoid falling into anguish and irritation by having complete and transparent conversations with that person you are entrusting your home with.