Edge Types

Edge Types for Countertops

At Emerald Pearl Kitchen and Bath we can do any edge or variation on an edge, that is why we give 5 different FREE options to choose from and other edge upgrades. Also if you feel like you want to get something different just contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.
Our experience has take us to master all kind of edge types for countertops and more.

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Straight - Pencil Round - Half Bullnose - 1/4" Bevel - 1/2" Bevel - Full Bullnose - Demy half Bullnose - Ogee

Some insights about some of our edges:

Ogee Edge

You can recognize the ogee edge because it has an “s” shape.
Unlike the other edges, the ogee edge is more detailed giving that an up-charge, the reason we charge more for this edge is because it requires much time and skill preparation. This edge gives more of a classical and sophisticated feel to the room making it well worth your money after seeing the final product in your beautiful home.

Bevel Edge

You can recognize this edge by the diagonal slant to the piece. It can have different dimensions (1/2”) or (1/4”). This countertop edge type is perfect for anyone that is trying to keep into his or her set budget sharing a similar feel of the Ogee edge. Our perception about this edge is that it has a strong atmosphere to the room and a refined presence.

Bullnose Edge

You can recognize this edge by the rounded convex trim. The roundness of the edge gives a smooth and save sensation. There are different types of Bullnose edges such us the Half bullnose which is free of charge, the Full Bullnose and the Demi Half Bullnose that are up-charge. You can see the difference between them in the picture above. This edge is good for your budget and great for anyone with small children and elderly family members.

One thing we think is important to mention is that the Full Bullnose might let the water under and leak into your cabinets.

If you like to see more of what we can do with Granite or any natural stone please take a look at our gallery.

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