Kitchen Trends 2017

Before you want to redesign your kitchen you need to know what is in and what is out. There are many trends that will make your kitchen look straight out of a home designer magazine. Here are some trends that will help with your kitchen remodeling decisions:

Don’t know what color to paint your cabinets? Then don’t worry because the top new trending color for kitchens are soft grays. It’s practically the new white. It matches with any other color and it gives your kitchen a nice rustic but clean appearance.

Even though Gray is the new white, black and white will always be a trend for kitchens. The Classic Black and White Palette will give your kitchen a very modern but as will a country vibe.

Along with the neutral tones of cabinets white countertops are still popular for kitchens. Whether it is quartz, granite or marble white countertops are the best selling color this year.

Keep in mind the whiter your stone is the more it expensive may be. Other factors to think about is the maintenance it comes with white countertops. White marble, stains and is less heat resistant than the ever popular White Ice granite.

kitchen, granite, trend 2017, counter, contertops, blog, customers Want something more unique? Try a leathered or honed finish. These finishes are less reflective and have more texture than a traditional polished look might have. A honed or leathered look is sure to be a conversation starter in any space.

Kitchen sinks are changing as well. They are not just basic white or stainless steel anymore but apron-front sinks in different vibrant colors are big this year. An apron-front sink in a bright color can really bring a neutral colored kitchen together.

contractor, granite supplier, winston salem, countert, contertop, white, grey, marble, quartzDaring colors are not the only way to make your kitchen look exciting. Oversized shades that match with your cabinets or your sink can make your kitchen eye-catching. 

A kitchen is not just a room in your house that you decorate to look pretty but a room to decorate to make your experience much easier. With the growth of motion and wireless powered technology your kitchen can make your cooking much more conventate.

The automation can be used in faucets to pantry cabinets. Also now refrigerators and lights can be control using your smart phone.

If you have a small kitchen or on a very small budget these trends still can be done if you just do a little research and find the right remodeler you can have the kitchen of your dreams.


Emily Cardona Staff Writer