The kitchen working triangle

The kitchen working triangle by Emerald Pear Kitchen and Bath located in Winston Salem NC

The kitchen working triangle one of the most researched and applied ergonomic principals around. It consists on the 3 main work areas in the kitchen; the first one would be the sink, then the stove and last but not least the refrigerator. These together are the kitchen work triangle. These points have to be placed in the perfect way so you don’t have to waste a lot of steps going from one side to the other. Also if you put them to close to each other you will have a kitchen with no working space. You have to be really careful about that.

The kitchen working triangle doesn’t have to be perfect, but its better if each side is not shorter than 4 feet or larger that 9 feet long, also its almost imperative that you make sure there is not going to be anything between these 3 points so you can fluently move with no obstructions.

If you follow this principal when making your kitchen you are going to save some time, have a better working space and really enjoy your kitchen space.

the Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen Work Triangle