Reasons to remodel your home in 2018

Decades ago the kitchen didn't play the role that's given nowadays. Kitchens were only a place to cook and clean dishes but right now they have become the focal point of the house, where people gather in the morning or after a long day of work meaning that this space it the energy start and finish point of the house. It's a place that must bring a conferring feeling before heading out to work, staying at home or when returning back home. These social dynamic have contributed to the evolution of the modern kitchen. For the time being there is a bigger target on open concept homes, as well as clean and simple styles that allow natural light clinch the space creating a desirable spot.

Emerald Pearl Kitchen and Baths gather some amazing tips from expert designers around the globe and made a list of the top trends for 2018, so you can create or upgrade your space with all current information and help you take the most informed decision before your remodel o new project.

Color Cabinets trends and Patternskitchen, island, emerald pearl

In the coming years we are going to see a rise on the popularity of colors, the age of white and light kitchens became classic and suitable for all kitchens, carrying glamour accents and a clean look.

In the upcoming years we´ll see the rise of momentum on how playful colors like navy, indigo, cornflower and even plumb will be slowly making its way into the kitchen. It will surprise you how great dark cabinets can paired and enhance kitchen space with a dramatic and luxurious feel. However be careful in how you combine them, they can make the room feel dark… Combine well and you´ll get a versatile, dramatic kitchen and an awesome  clean appearance.

Additionally waterfall countertops are being used by homeowners and contractors to mask under island cabinets typically with natural stone ( Marble, Granite or Quartz) is really a material of choice. Waterfall style countertops create a feel of seamless flow of material from the top of the island down to the floor.


Smart kitchens

Smart kitchens are an evolving part of design. Technology is not solely related to gadgets or appliances but is being also integrated into every function of the kitchen. From the faucets, to the lighting, to the fridge. There are coffee brewers that can be programmed to have your coffee ready when you wake up. Essay add-ons are motion-sense equipped kitchen faucets that will sense the presence of your hand and will turn on automatically, refrigerators that keep track of you groceries and order missing items to the supermarket and even controlling room temperature from your cell phone or tablet.

These is becoming every year more popular as homeowners experiment with novel technologies...


Comfort: Master Bedroom and Bath

The master bedroom is a true sanctuary but recently it has gained more importance among buyers and homeowners. A larger main room, extra space for gym area or office space, his and hers bathroom and closet spaces are the luxurious desires that everyone is looking for.

Master bathrooms are the ones that require more attention, and need planing on detail. Most people want larger and multiple shower heads, seating areas, smart toilets, and vanities with double bowls and fancy natural or fabricated stone such us granite, marble or quartz. These are some of the goods that people is seeking to get total comfort as one way to turn a bathroom into a spa at home.

In 2018 we are seeing comfort and minimalist approaches as the aim for designing and furnishing spaces which means there is less disorder and more opportunity for enjoyment and calm.