Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms

When we think about remodeling or in how to design our bathroom we might run into some problems like, bad lighting, tinny or bad design spaces. Some might be because outdated architecture styles other might be just for the lack of space in the entire house or apartment.

Since we’ve talked in our latest blog about the size of the kitchens we though of just bringing up also some ideas that you can implement if you want to optimize space, get read of visual clutters or maybe just implement ideas to get bigger storage space in your bathroom.


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bathroom, lights, contractor, granite supplier, winston salem, countert, contertop, white, grey, marble, quartz


Fist if you have a windowless bathroom and it feels a little dark.

Best you can do is first think about the lighting design. Our advice is to go for LED down lights or LED strips concealed within the ceiling recessed plus having a couple of bathroom wall lights on each side of the mirror which will offer a flattering balanced welcome to the room.


Remove visual clutters

One of the main problems of small bathrooms is the wish of always wanting to fit toilet, sink and shower. One easy way to make this happen is to create the illusion of space by freeing up the floor area. Picking floating sinks, toilet and even furniture with open bases will not close off space, like big vanities will do. A nice touch to elongate the space will be picking the right floor.

Tile or vinyl in bold lines will give to the eye a full-length illusion making the small bathroom look longer. In addition to this, freeing countertop space by hiding toothbrushes, tooth paste, hair brushes and other items will help to create a cleaner look and a soft balance ambient.


Storage Space

This requires a lot of creativity and it can be achieve in many ways.

If there is any unused area of the room you can take advantage of it! A great place you usually forget is above the bathroom door, placing an open shelf there will give storage space plus also you can put in place some décor touches to style up your bathroom area.

As we’ve said open shelving is a great idea. It can be placed on the wall space behind the toilet or in flat recessed shelving will give an awesome look to the place. Another forgotten place is around the your bathtub maybe you can make custom cabinetry to fit the surrounding of it or even at the head top you can create an a shelf for towel racking or décor.
Remember keeping the place as clean, simple and monochromatic as possible with great lighting will give you that look your aiming for.

If you want to get more ideas about new ways of how you can better  your storage room click here, we've collected new ideas for you or if you want to know about any specific topic let us know, we gladly do a blog just for you!