Unpredictable situations delivering a product

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Emerald Pearl tries to do the best for its clients, but when it comes to these unsatisfied or unhappy situations, Emerald always gets in top of it and tries to resolve it with the greater outcome possible.

Our craftsmen always try to make the best of each work but sometimes client’s expectations are not aligned with ours. At that point, we have to align expectations, look, search and see where we can improve to meet our clients needs and then our expectations can go meet our client’s.

In order to do that, what we have to do first is to listen very carefully to what our customer says then process the information, take notes and next make it happen.

All this process should be under a pleasant attitude, a very friendly conversation, and never forget that if you (our customer) are not happy, we apologize and will always try to make it up to you.

Unpredictable situations,