Updating your kitchen countertop on budget?

See your options...

At least once in a while we all find ourselves trying to resolve something on a budget. Whether it is making our old laptop stop freezing or fixing your car´s inner workings. There are some times when a little upgrade will solve our problems, there are other times when nothing you do will work. In this case, we dig a little deeper into when we should upgrade or completely change kitchen countertops.

Countertop Replacement

Your kitchen countertop may have been through a lot; spilled hot liquids, chemicals, unintentional cuts or heavy objects being dropped on it. It is possible that its rough history has left its mark, being it grout lines or faded color. Intensity we certainly recommend replacing your granite countertop.


If replacing the countertop is not an option due to a low budget, we will suggest you refinish to extend its current life. Some types of scratches and cuts may be easily sanded by you, but when it comes to granite or stone countertops it is always better to have professionals work on it. Besides, all structures require to be examined thoroughly by experts before any attempt at refinishing it.

Resurfacing your countertop

There´s a chance that you have a laminated countertop. This means good news as it is possible to cover it up with a tiled surface.


If as mentioned before, your kitchen countertop has been slightly damaged and requires an upgrade, you may also resource to painting. Besides, painting it may also give it a more luxurious look. There are several paint products available created to cover up countertops of different materials such as marble, ceramic tiles and wood.
This may result in a gorgeous look that will completely upgrade your kitchen. Remember to select a color that goes along well with the other remaining elements of your kitchen such as color palettes and the lighting.

Want to know more about kitchen countertops, keep reading in our blog. If you want to completely change your countertops you may contact us and somebody from our team will get in touch with you.