Do you want to get an upgrade in your home by 2018?

It’s the time of the year where all of us reflect on what this year was, we think about our behaviour, our professional achievements, our new projects and goals and so on. Anything can come to mind.

Overall we like to improve our living everyday, by adding comfort and luxury. Many homeowners think of remodelling as one the best solutions to get a home upgrade. It can be fast and easy, with not a lot of dust and without much disorder. You can start remodelling one room and then the other or even just a little part of the room and evolve in a easier way than taking a huge remodel in your hands.

So if your one of the homeowners that like to get an upgrade in your home please read carefully the new trends for 2018.


Kitchen trends 2018

Still using white? White countertops or/and white kitchens cabinets have been in fashion for so long and now people is looking to create contrast within the kitchen. Having two different wood colors or using the kitchen island wood darker that the rest of the kitchen will make pop, the entire kitchen using light colors as the color pallet of the space.

We’ve been seeing darker colors in cabinets, like blue or navy also matching with lighter color countertops, like beige or white granite's, marble's or quartz.


Shapes, patterns and matching counters are the aim of next year kitchen tends.


Bathroom trends 2018

Are you looking to get all the comfort next year? If no is your answer, I am sorry to tell you that turning bathrooms into spaces of comfort is what we are looking at for next year. So whether you like it or not is something that we’ll be seeing a lot. Floating sinks and vanities will give your bathroom the distress look your looking forward.

Also using big tiles and slimmer lines creating the illusion of more space are new trends for 2018.

Stay tuned we’ll post another two blog posts about bathroom & kitchen trends on the 10th and 20th of January.


Happy New Year Emerald Pearl K&B wishes you!