Why you should have a granite fireplace

A granite fireplace immediately uplifts your home adding an element of sophistication to the surrounding room. The beauty of a granite fireplace is not just in the looks – this material will withstand years of wear and tear and still look amazingly fresh and new. Furthermore, there are so many granite colors that, if you wanted something bespoke or unique you could design your own granite fireplace that you can be sure is exclusive to your home.

Whilst brick fireplaces can bring coziness resembling a farm or a log cabins a granite fireplace is a powerful piece for those wanting sophistication and contemporary spaces in their homes.  A granite fireplace surround brings different visual appeals to the space whilst not being pretentious. And because granite is such a durable, natural material, you will be able to enjoy it for generations.

Of course, since granite is a natural material, each slab is different and has its own characteristic. But here’s why stones from these groups are popular.


Viscont White Granite

This stone emulates the elegance of marble but crucially has the durability of a granite fireplace surround. With detailed veining and a look that is similar to marble, it brings ultimate sophistication to your space. And it does all this whilst being heat and scratch-resistant in a way that marble is not.

VisconWhite, fireplace, winston

Peregrine C Granite

With Peregrine C Granite, has a light, golden color with detailed black swirls and veining. It is bold and powerful, and seeks to immediately draw attention when people enter the room where your fireplace sits. It pairs well with both classic and contemporary furnishings.

Peregrine C Granite, Fireplace

Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial Gold Granite has more neutral colors — predominately white, grey and beige — mean that it doesn’t overwhelm or overpower a room. The small maroon speckles that are imbued in these slabs are subtle but add visual interest that make it beautiful.

Colonial Gold Granite, Fireplace

While these are some of the more popular choices for a granite surround fireplace, your options are numerous and obviously anything you decide will be personal to your requirements. Granite is an incredibly versatile material and offers all kinds of shades and artistic detail to suit your taste.

Don’t forget that after you have designed your perfect granite fireplace you have to then carefully consider who you want to install it. A skilled installation team is imperative to your home after all, the fireplace is often the focal point of a room and any flaws or mistakes will be obvious.

Regardless of your home type a granite fireplace adds beauty, sophistication and price value to your home and will last generations. It will help you to create perfect memories with your family as you share moments in front of your beautiful fireplace.