Why it is Important to Properly Seal your Granite and Marble Countertops?

Natural stone countertops are a lifetime investment. They could cost you more than stainless steel, ceramic, solid surface, or any other man made countertop. However; they are worth the price.

To properly guarantee and enjoy beautiful countertops for a lifetime, you should avoid and protect the countertops from any stains. Granite and marble are porous stones which have to be sealed to maintain and ensure their beauty.


So, why is it important to seal them?

As said before granite and marble are porous stones. Which means they are like little sponges that can absorb substances, bacteria or food particles. Although marble and granite are porous it doesn’t mean that all of them have the same level of porosity. Marbles are more likely to have high levels of porosity, so naturally they tend to stain more than granite. Thanks to this marble counters require more care than granite countertops.

Granite has its own advantages. Not only does it have unique looks, but also they have the advantage of the dark colors requiring minimum sealing. Meaning that their porosity is minimum which make them more resistant to stains and scratches.

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What does sealing do?

By definition to seal is to join two things together to prevent anything passing between them. That is mainly what a countertop sealer does.

Generally sealers are water resistant, oil resistant and also can help to prevent other types of spills.


So, How do I know my vanity is adequately sealed?

What you can do is to carry out a water test. This is a simple test, it doesn't require special materials and it only takes a few minutes.

Place two tablespoons  of water on the chosen surface and wait 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, take a paper towel and try to dry the water spill. Pressing hard making sure to remove any texture of the surface. If a watermark is left on the surface, it’s because it needs to be sealed again.

At Emerald Pearl we believe that delivering a quality product and service is imperative. We’ve done our research to find high quality products to seal and protect your countertops. We work with a nano effect sealer that is stain repellent and resistant. Certified for interior, exterior, polished, and honed stones.


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