Why should I put two sinks in my bathroom?

The choice of installing two toilets and sinks depends on how much space, money and family requirements you have. Some of the specific aspects to consider before putting a double sink and toilet are family member schedule, the number of bathroom in the house and of course the use you have desire for each of the bathroom in your house.



The first aspect to consider is if the bathroom is large enough to put two different spaces, one for her and one for him. If the answer is affirmative you have to begin thinking about the size and distance of each sink to allow both people to interact within the counter area with no constraints. Although there is no established minimum distance, the ideal distance between the two pieces is 80 cms, under other conditions such us fewer space  among the two pieces the space won't be functional or comfortable.


Family requirements

Nowadays is very normal to see that both members of the couple work and, as it usually work starts at the same time the option of having 2 sinks or toilets easies the time and flow during the morning rush. However 2 toilets won't be necessary if you decide to enclose within the bathroom space of the toilet having 2 complete different spaces inward the bathroom. If so, make sure to build a wall sound proof insulated to make sure the space affords privacy to the people using the bathroom.



Advantages of having doble

If you have kids this could be really convenient and practical because there will be room for all. You’ll avoid in bath time, fights between them, help them share and bond over this time. One aspect to considers is that not all members of the family stand in need of the same sink dimensions or height.


This is very important to consider if you have anyone with special needs.


We are not staying that having a double sink or toilet is better than having only one. Emerald Pearl wants you to consider all options before you install and regret your choice. Think, design, conceptualize, and envision all possibilities before taking a final decision.

Furthermore there are single sinks that can provide the same functionality of a double sink. It all depends on the aesthetics of your vision and the desire functionality, you have thought for you bathroom space. Keep in mind that some people prefer to have a single sink in shared bathrooms to maintain privacy and that even if two is better than one you can find models that integrate two breasts in single piece.


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