Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Small Kitchens

Sometimes, small things completely occupy our minds. Small may mean simplicity or minimalism, but we all know minimalism can be complex and challenging. Small kitchens are no exception as they are expected to look nice but also have enough space to store kitchen elements and cook.

Due to the high expectations and workload required from it, a small kitchen countertop needs to consider all sort of elements to comply with what is expected; it must look amazing, but it should be easy to clean and resist hot liquids being spilled on it as well as minor cuts and scratches. Surface colors, dimensions, edge types and more are part of the puzzle.

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Even if your kitchen barely has enough space to cook, or even if it has enough room for people to have breakfast. A proper countertop may help use the space efficiently. Things like redefining its depth from 24” inches to 30” inches will add more space, used for cooking and storing appliances. You may also try, if the space is available, install a countertop peninsula on one end of the kitchen´s countertop. It may also be placed below any kitchen island. If unfortunately, the space is limited, try running the countertop stone or material just a couple of inches up the wall for a great look.

Keeping up with what we mentioned above, simplicity and minimalism are a must. As they will help you make your small kitchen look bigger. A carefully selected countertop will look smooth and aligned with the rest of the kitchen. In order to have that, make sure you select a kitchen countertop stone that matches. In terms of colors, patterns, and complements cabinetry and other kitchen appliances. If your kitchen revolves around light colored cabinetry I suggest darker tones. You may also combine earth and copper like tones. Even though laminate might seem to be a better option due to its lower costs. Stone countertops are a more cost efficient option, as they last longer and are more stylish.

Something to look for when choosing kitchen countertop materials is how resistant are they to spills, chopping and potential staining. Stone will last for decades, as it is classy and timeless. There are several countertop materials such as granite, quartz, limestone, soapstone, and marble to select from. Other material worth your consideration is industrial concrete.

To wrap this up, what is required to make your kitchen look bigger by replacing your countertops? Is basically to combine several functional elements into one, which is good looking. If you don´t spend enough time on it, the replacement will later become a hassle that is not efficient, or doesn´t have enough storing space. Keep in mind that you can avoid cluttering your countertop´s surface by complementing it with beautiful drawers.